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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The Sorceress Guide part 5

X) Still to come: Mastery Ideas

25 Points

15(4)/5(1)/0 – High Agony Triple Nuke Build

XI) Suggestions & Bugs

Suggestion to Mythic: Healing Debuff

We need one. I really need to stress that this is very, very important! I'm not sure exactly whom has Healing Debuffs and whom doesn't, but it sure feels like the Order gets one on every Ranged DPS and some Support cousins, while Destruction get a meager few on their Melee DPS and maybe somewhere else I'm unaware of. The Sorceress could really use one, in fact it really should be standardized across the factions as to whom gets it as CORE abilities, not something you spec for. I think it should be limited and at least be accessed by the Glass Cannons of both sides - the Bright Wizard and the Sorceress. Either make it Core with a nice cooldown or on two or so Morale abilities on different levels to allow some choice on when to have it.

This solves two things. They really make us the tank destroyers we are meant to be. Healers usually focus their heals on the tanks keeping them up, which is basically their survival mechanic in group RvR and what makes them nearly unstoppable. If we can coordinate some focus fire and cut their healing in half then we can effectively counter them with our Magic DPS. It makes the chain of Magic DPS > Tank more of a reality. It also makes the stalemates of the near indestructible healers less frequent. Healers should eventually die even if they are focusing all their heals on themselves, this is certainly not the case now in practice. It's a careful timing issue with a Healing Debuff to kill off the healer. Not only do you have to worry about their morale heal being unaffected, but you have to be able to burst them down before it wears off. A 50% strength heal is still pretty powerful when most healers are pretty Magic Resistant. It gives us a chance to beat them, not enough of a chance be the favored in a duel, but it gives us a chance to take them off guard or get lucky with burst damage.

Suggestion to Mythic: Willpower Resistance Reduction and Staff DPS

Something to be concerned about is gear scaling in accordance to casters. As you get better and better gear later on, you are going to get more Int, Weapon Skill, Strength, Toughness, Armor, Resistances, etc. Int, Str, and Ball all balance out with Toughness pretty much equally. Armor is combated by more Weapon Skill. Essentially that help cut back the extra armor everyone will be experiencing. The problem is resistances and weapon dps bonuses are pretty much stand alone. Nothing counters them and as people get more and more gear it'll simply reduce magic damage with nothing to compensate it. The weapon dps will increase weapon-users damage as gear expands, but that can be expected to match Wounds. Thus we need something comparable.

Put simply, the higher in progression you get as long as you fight equal geared enemies you will be doing less magic damage because people will have more base resistances on their resistance pieces simply because they are stronger pieces of armor. This will result in people having more and more resistance % against your type of magic damages. Getting more and more Intelligence is simply countered by someone getting Toughness to compensate not to mention there will be a soft cap in which getting all the more Int would be less effective. There needs to be a mechanic that counteracts this.

The easiest way, is to put a Resist Piercing mechanic on Willpower to somewhat relate it to Weapon Skill. This will make healing classes more effective at piercing resistances as well, which isn't really that much of a problem considering it will reduce the insane length of battles between a Healer v. Healer fight. A small re-balance of the resistance system would have to be done, but this is vital to keeping the game scaling at a proper pace. If this doesn't occur, the longer the game continues the less damage any caster will do.

In the same way, Staff DPS needs to be worked into spell damage as a equal damage mechanic to mirror a weapon-users upgrades. A rework of all the spell damages would have to be done, but this is important to ensure that our damage scales just as a weapon-users damage scales throughout the game. If you would add say 200 points to every stat in two opponents then you would find that the Magic DPS does less damage due to not having anything to work against resistances and the Weapon DPS careers would simply do more damage because their weapon dps would be increasing and allowing them to do more damage. Considering more wounds equally the Magic DPS will take a much lower percentage of health from their opponent and the Weapon DPS should be balanced into doing around the same percentage damage.

It's imperative that something such as Willpower gives us resistance penetration and staff dps added to the spell damage. I awknowledge that it would be a fair amount of work having to increase the base resistance given by resistance points and reducing the base damage of spells to compensate for the added staff dps on average. Overall it would be for a much improved system in terms of a balancing act.

XII) The Last Stuff

There isn't much here yet. I imagine I will give credit to those that help me if I update it.

I'm currently still proofreading it so if you see any mistakes... I might have missed it or I'm in the process of working on it. There is a particularly nasty bug that doesn't allow you to edit pages with the spells with pictures on them nor touch the regular hyperlinks in an easy format. I'm trying to catch most of them!

Can't wait to see you all at launch!


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